Open Youth Market Lamb Show

Friday June 6, 2014
Weigh In Time: 11:00 a.m.
Show Begins: At Conclusion of Swine Show
Chairman – Fred Gillum

General Rules:

  1. Show is open to purebred and commercial lambs. They may be wethers, bucks or ewes.
  2. The show is open to all youth in the surrounding areas.
  3. All entries must conform to the health regulations governing the exhibition of livestock in Kentucky.**
  4. Animals shown in lamb classes must still have lamb teeth.
  5. Weight classes will be established on the show date according to entries.
  6. $3 entry fee per animal
  7. Limit of 12 animals per showman.
  8. Danish system used for showmanship only.
  9. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places will be awarded per class.


  1. Showmanship Classes
    1. Junior 9-13 years age
    2. Senior 14 -19 years age
    3. Cloverbuds under 9 years of ag
  2. Open Market Lamb Weight Classes
    (Maximum of eight classes)
  4. Yearling Ewe Class (Suffolk, Hampshire, and AOB)
  6. Ewe Lamb Class (Suffolk, Hampshire, and AOB)
  8. Buck Class (Suffolk, Hampshire, and AOB)
  10. Grand Champion and Reserve Champion will be chosen from entries in "B"
    Grand Champion Lamb
    Reserve Champion Lamb

Prize money distributed by Danish System. IF prizes exceed x, then x will be re-established and corrected not to exceed the prize money allotted.

**Specific Requirements for Kentucky Sheep

  1. All sheep and lambs consigned shall be identified individually by ear tattoo or ear tag. Such identification shall be entered on a certificate of Veterinary Examination.
  2. Scrapie -- no sheep or lambs shall be consigned that originated from or are known to be exposed to flocks under surveillance for scrapie.
  3. A statement by the veterinarian issuing the Certificate of Veterinarian Examination verifying that no clinical scrapie has occurred in the origin flock within the last 18 months and no animal or animals from the flock of origin has had positive scrapie confirmed by the National Veterinary Service Laboratory within the last 18 months
  4. Sore mouth -- any sheep or lamb showing lesions of contagious exythma shall not be consigned.

Entry Information

Please pre-register if possible by May 30. Send to: Ginny Harper - 310 South Fourth Street - Murray, KY 42071 Phone (270) 753-1452 or FAX (270) 759-4243. Make checks payable to the Murray-Calloway County Fair.

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