Calloway County Fair Poultry Show

Friday, June 13, 2014
Registration – 10:30 a.m./Show Begins – 11:00 a.m.
Market/Show Arena
Show Chairs – Lindsay Collins

  1. Entries will be accepted for all recognized breeds of large fowl and Bantam chickens.
  2. All birds shown must originate from Pullorum-free flock.
  3. Health Papers will be checked upon arrival or can be sent in with entries.
  4. A USDA tester will be on site to test birds not previously tested.
  5. Any birds deemed sick will be immediately removed from the show arena.
  6. Only the clerk and the judge will be allowed in the aisle during judging (this rule will be strictly enforced).
  7. Birds will be released after the show. (A bird entered in competition may not be removed from the show until judging is complete and Champion of the show has been picked. In case of emergency, you must see the show superintendent.)
  8. Birds will be kept in their own carrier until group is called to the show pens.
  9. Handling of Birds: Only the owner, judges, and show officials may handle birds.
  10. Show will be governed by APA and ABA rules.
  11. Murray Calloway County Fair is not responsible for any loss, theft, or injury of any bird.
  12. Entries fee must accompany all entries ($1.00 per chicken pre-registered or $2.00 per chicken day of show).

Entry Information:

Please pre-register if possible by May 30. Send to: Ginny Harper - 310 South Fourth Street - Murray, KY 42071 Phone (270) 753-1452 or FAX (270) 759-4243. Make checks payable to the Murray-Calloway County Fair.

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