Mini Outlaw Tractor Pull

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Show Begins: 7:00 p.m.
Main Arena
Chairman: Ben Watkins (270) 293-1553 or
Admission to the show and carnival rides are free with paid fair admission of $12.00 per person.

Thank you to Warehouse Tire for sponsoring trophies for the Kids’ stock class.

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Lawn and Garden Tractor Pulling at its best! Featuring: single cylinder tractors up to 60 hp and motorcycle-powered tractors. If you enjoy watching power and tract come together you will enjoy the pull.

If you plan to participate, please read the safety rules below:

  1. All single cylinder tractors must be powered at 4000 RPM or be equipped with steel flywheel and shielded 360 degrees with 1/8 inch steel plate or equivalent. RPM's will be checked.
  2. All tractors will be equipped with an anti-roll over device (wheelie bars) extending at least 5 inches past furthest point of rear tires.
  3. A working kill switch is required on all modified tractors.
  4. A helmet is required and fire jacket is suggested on all modified.
  5. Hitch height (13 inches) will be checked in all classes on scales as you are being weighed. Be prepared to make adjustments is necessary.

Twin cylinder tractors will run, but classes will be determined at pull.


Entry fees will be $15.00 in all classes with 2/3 payback and $400 added money (Note: There will be a class made for any 3 tractors if they do not qualify for these.) One driver admitted free per pulling tractor (must accompany tractor on grounds).

Class Weight
8-10 HP Stock 850 lbs
12 Stock 1000 lbs
12 Stock Altered (includes any 12 w/ open RPM’s or modified) 1000 lbs
16 Stock (includes any stock twins) 1050 lbs
16 Stock Altered (includes any 16 with open RPM's) 1050 lbs
40 CI (includes 16 SS, twin stock with open RPM's) 1050 lbs
48 CI 1050 lbs
Pro Stock (50.5) 1050 lbs
750 CC 1250 lbs
1150 CC/Small Tire 1300 lbs
Light Outlaw 1350 lbs
Heavy Outlaw 1400 lbs
Mini Rods/Small Tire 1850 lbs

Equipment and Services provided by Mr. John Waldrop, Double W Pulling.

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